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  • What projects can I invest in?
    You can go to our mobile app under "Project" tab and check our live projects. Get early access to our mobile by signing up from our home page
  • How much can I invest for each project?
    You can invest in each project by purchasing an asset. For example if a solar panel kit costs £50, that is the minimum amount you can start investing for that particular project. Depending on the demand for each project, there is a case where we you will be placed on a waitlist for completing the order. Pacuto strongly recommends that lenders only purchase amounts that you can justify. Moreover, we discourage lenders from investing with borrowed money.
  • How can I make payments for the investments?
    You can submit an order on the Pacuto mobile app and instructions for completing an order will be sent to you.
  • In which currency can I invest in?
    Currently, we accept payments only in British Pounds (GBP)
  • From which countries can I invest in projects via Pacuto?
    We currently only allow investors in the UK to invest. If you are from outside the UK, please send an email to and we will assist you further. There may be certain legal requirements for lenders. It is your responsibility to check whether those requirements are met.
  • Does Pacuto charge any management fee for the investments?
    We do not charge any fees for joining our platform and purchasing assets
  • How much interest do I receive?
    The annual interest rate on investments is 5%. Interest is usually collected in the local currency of the nation that the investment takes place in. This may be different for future projects we will have.
  • When do I start receiving my repayments and interest?
    Once your order is confirmed, we will coordinate with our local partners to find a household to install your purchased asset. Once the asset is installed, you will start receiving the repayments on your Pacuto account. This could vary from 1 - 3 months. Your repayments will happen throughout the loan period. In general, the repayments will be collected on a monthly basis and you will be able to check that on your Dashboard on our mobile app. Each loan has unique terms and repayment schedule so please refer to the project page for more details. Every investment has a risk and the repayment is dependent on our partners' ability to pay.
  • Where can I check my repayments and return?
    Repayments, including interest, are updated every month on your dashboard. You can check your dashboard from our Pacuto mobile app.
  • What are the risks of investing with Pacuto?
    Default risk This is when payments for an asset you’ve invested in stop because the beneficiary is no longer able to pay for the asset. To manage this risk, we select local partners with a history of quality operations and a low default risk. Our local partners are responsible for handling the payment collection in case of default. The local partners will also face risks of their own that could affect their ability to collect the repayments. These include - bankruptcy - fraud - operational risks - political and regulatory changes - natural disasters or epidemics. Operational risk There is also some operational risk at Paucto. An example might be that Pacuto is unable to find shareholders to finance their activities. In such a case, Pacuto will handle outstanding investments to the best of our ability.
  • How does Pacuto minimize the risks?
    Pacuto mitigates varying risks in the following ways, Default risk Every local partner we work with goes through a due diligence process including an actual site visit to ensure the quality of its operation. These partners also have a strong track record on handling payment collections and reducing the default risk.
  • Who handles the installation and maintenance of my assets?
    Our local partners handle the installation and the maintenance. As part of our process of onboarding these partners, we ensure that they have a strong operational capability through our due diligence process which include on the ground site visits
  • What should I do if I have a complaint or feedback?
    Please send an email to We will respond to your feedback/complaints as soon as possible via email.
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